Accounting Package

Peachtree Accounting Package

Most companies and organisations use simple and yet very effective and efficient Accounting packages such as Peachtree. With Peachtree, information and management of Customers, Vendors, Inventories, Jobs/Projects, Payroll, Bank reconciliation but to mention a few are captured and reported in any form desired.

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Peachtree Accounting Training

You now have the opportunity to learn this Accounting package even at the comfort of your house. Many companies look for Accountant with knowledge of Peachtree to employ and many employers/Proprietors without the knowledge of this package can tell how their Accountants treat them. I won't say that here. Tell the owner of that company that is yet to use any Accounting package that he belong to old school and can't go far in this generation.

Tap into this opportunity and order for a STEP-BY-STEP USERS GUIDE ON PEACHTREE ACCOUNTING today. Consider some of the contents below.

Treated topics

Setting up chart of accounts Ordering invoice Entering a purchase order
Add new account Entering invoice Entering purchase/Vendor Invoice
Entering beginning balances Receiving payment Paying vendor
Entering prior period adjustment Entering Cash Sales Entering Cash Purchase
Setting up customers Entering Prepayment by customers Entering prepayment to vendors
Entering customer beg. Balances Entering credit memo Vendor refund
Converting quotes to sales Setting up Vendors Entering quotation
Entering a purchase order Setting up Inventory items Setting up a job/project
Entering purchase/Vendor Invoice Setting up an assembly item Setting up jobs
Paying vendor Receiving inventory Applying purchase to job
Entering Cash Purchase Entering Inventory items Applying sales to job
Entering prepayment to vendors Adjusting Inventory items Applying inventory to job
Vendor refund Selling inventory items Change item prices General Journal entry
Reconciling with bank account balances Units and sub-units In-house payroll setup
Users maintenance

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