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Kindly click on your prefered portal below to sign in/register and send message.

For inquiry, endeavor to get to the administrator through:

  +234 (0) 905 1471 325 /      +234 809 4709 167 OR       info@divsms.com /      info@dvmessages.com

SMS Business


This is an application you cannot afford to miss. It is designed to be freely given and installed to our resellers' website.

We take only #4,000.00 to do the installation. For someone without website, we take #11,000.00 for the entire package which includes; Domain naming, hosting and setting up of the application on the website. N.B: You have access to your website control panel which gives you opportunity to launch another on the website, create as many e-mail accounts as possible, etc

Features of SMS Portal

  • Portal linked to multiple API at once
  • Send messages directly or to contacts already uploaded
  • Portal takes both local or international format of numbers ( 08023400000 or 23480234000000)
  • 100% SMS delivery via selected API
  • Message can be saved for feature sending
  • Messages can be scheduled for feature delivery
  • Contact management is superb
  • Group contacts
  • Add contacts singly or in multiple
  • Upload contacts from file
  • Edit contacts
  • Transfer Units to friends
  • Opportunity for client to make request for SMS unit
  • Client requests are authorized by administrator upon confirmation of payment at bank or online
  • Online payment link available
  • Reporting of sent sms for clients and administrator
  • Opportunity to list out transactions of sms units anytime
  • Listing of clients request by the administrator
  • User management platform available
  • Opportunity to change banner even for novice to IT environment
  • Backup link available
  • Under Setting, administrator can set:
  • Company information
  • Pricing (to be used for online calculation and payments)
  • Unit deduction for each network.
  • Mobile number digits (which differs from country to country)
  • API (Pick from a list of many)
  • Username and password for chosen API
Customer satisfaction is our delight.

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